What Makes A Good Relationship? Share Your Thoughts!

What do you think the key to a good relationship? Love, trust, generosity or money? These days it’s hard to find a partner, but I think it’s much harder to keep a good relationship. Even you love her so much, but sometimes you just don’t understand what she wants, then things get messed up.

So, guys, how did you handle the situation when you and your partner have different opinion? What are you gonna do with it when it proves that she’s wrong? Did you ever say bad words to your partner?

In my personal opinion, love is not everything, but it’s the first thing to make a good relationship. So when you’re angry or upset with your partner, maybe you need to calm down and think of how much you love her. And then you need to trust her. She really needs it! Nothing goes well if there’s no trust. Besides, generosity can make your relationship better. Don’t be mean! Don’t ask too much! Try to be satisfied! Try to cherish what you’ve got! Finally, you need to communicate a lot with your partner, to know what she needs and also let her understand your thoughts.

Do you agree? Tell me what you think about making a good relationship. 🙂

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